General Litigation

General Litigation

HJW Attorneys are specialists in all aspects of litigation. Regardless of the substantive nature of the matter, we are equipped with a strong team of attorneys to answer any legal questions pertaining to litigation and assist in obtaining the best results for our clients.

Civil and Criminal Work

Specialised civil law attorneys, HJW Attorneys is a legal firm that offers solution focused advice. Whether someone owes you money, has breached or is about to breach a contract, HJW Attorneys should be your legal partner of choice in resolving any legal issues you may be faced with.

Debt Collection

Debt Collection and debt management are crucial to the success of any business and should never be neglected due to cost concerns. HJW Attorneys believe in employing debt collection measures that work for our clients and their businesses and will create tailored debt collection procedures designed specially to suit you and your pocket. HJW Attorneys are able to assist with all litigious and non-litigious debt collections and will ensure that there is a strategic, cost effective collection of debt owing to our clients.

Rescission of Judgments

Rescission of judgments or rescinding a judgment, as it is otherwise known, is a crucial step in clearing negative credit scores and ensures that you are able to improve your credit score. Very often, people land up with judgments against their name that they are not even aware of. HJW Attorneys will find the quickest route to rescind such judgments in order to ensure that you are no longer blacklisted and can transact commercially without, impediment.

Labour Law

Our specialised labour law attorneys are dedicated to providing affordable yet expert assistance in all matters pertaining to labour law. We can assist with all employer and employee disputes, in both the private and public sector. Amongst other matters, we assist with unfair dismissals, automatically unfair dismissals, retrenchments and constructive dismissals.

Media and Sports Law

We offer in depth legal expertise in the entertainment and sports industries. Our legal services extend to advising performers, sports players and sponsors alike.

Defamation Matters

With today’s public social media posts being transmitted across the globe at alarming rates, defamation is a subject matter that HJW Attorneys is well versed in. In the event of someone defaming you, whether it be on social media or elsewhere, HJW Attorneys can be trusted to bring restoration to your good name.

Criminal Work

HJW Attorneys can assist with Bail Applications and are available 24 hours. Should you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offence, HJW Attorneys can assist to ensure you receive a fair trial.