Commercial Law

HJW Attorneys prides itself on being as dynamic as the ever-evolving commercial market when it comes to commercial law. Our corporate attorneys can assist a vast array of clients such as; private corporations, small to medium businesses and even start-ups in a variety of commercial matters.

Registration and Incorporation of Companies

We aim to understand our clients’ specific needs and offer the highest professionalism in meeting these needs. We manage the registrations of companies, as well as incorporation of companies and assure you that our services are reliable, efficient and affordable.

Setting up of Trusts

Our corporate attorneys manage the setting up of trusts, which include the contractual obligations to be adhered to regarding property within the trust. HJW Attorneys will offer professional legal assistance and advice regarding tax liabilities of trusts and the protection of property within trusts.


HJW Attorneys boasts a team of highly qualified corporate attorneys, equipped with the skills to assist you with all of your contractual needs. Whether you need commercial agreements drafted, amended or negotiated, or whether you require an interpretation of an agreement, our attorneys are able to give you expert assistance.

Contract Negotiation and Disputes

The team at HJW is experienced at negotiating complex contractual issues, and we have the expertise and experience to ensure that our clients’ needs are always placed at the forefront of any negotiation. We pride ourselves on being able to negotiate all aspects of contractual disputes, and have the requisite mediatory and litigation skills to ensure that our clients can rest assured that their commercial interests will be protected at all times.

VAT Refunds

A VAT refund that is stalled or deadlocked can severely cripple a business’s cash flow. We have successfully disputed and resolved various of our client’s VAT issues and have additionally obtained significant refunds for them. We work in conjunction with tax practitioners affiliated to the firm, and are able to obtain speedy turnaround times in resolving these disputes.

B-BBEE and B-BBEE Trusts

HJW attorneys can advise you on the BEE codes, as well as provide training and advice on BEE compliance. We also have experience in setting up BEE share incentive trusts, and advising generally on BEE related matters

Corporate Advisory and Corporate Governance

In today’s economic environment, it has proven vital to not only be compliant with all good corporate governance requirements, but to be seen to be actively complying with corporate governance requirements. HJW attorneys is able to provide advice and training on all such requirements, no matter the industry, to ensure that your company is a leading example to its clients, competitors and suppliers.